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                                                  The FIFA points/ranks have been updated daily

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                The FIFA points/ranks have been updated daily

FIFA Ranking Calculator


On 10 June 2018, the new ranking system was approved by the FIFA is based on the Elo rating system and after each game points will be added to or subtracted from a team’s rating according to the formula:


  • Pbefore – the team’s number of points before the game
  • I – the importance coefficient:
    • 5 – friendlies played outside the International Match Calendar windows
    • 10 – friendlies played within the International Match Calendar windows
    • 15 – Nations League matches (group stage)
    • 25 – Nations League matches (play-offs and finals), Confederations’ final competitions qualifiers, FIFA World Cup qualifiers
    • 35 – Confederations’ final competitions matches (before quarter-finals)
    • 40 – Confederations’ final competitions matches (quarter-finals and later)
    • 50 – FIFA World Cup matches (before quarter-finals)
    • 60 – FIFA World Cup matches (quarter-finals, semi-finals, third place play-off and final)
  • W – the result of the game:
    • 0 – loss after regular or extra time
    • 0.5 – draw or loss in a penalty shoot-out
    • 0.75 – win in a penalty shoot-out
    • 1 – win after regular or extra time.
If a game ends with a winner, but still requires a penalty shoot-out (PSO) , it is considered as a regular game and the PSO is disregarded.
  • We – the expected result of the game:
where dr is the difference between two teams’ ratings before the game.
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